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    The Gratitude List, award-winning Gratitude Journal created by entrepreneur Lily Samii

    Elevate who you are

    Inside of you lies a genius. You’re capable of amazing things. The Gratitude List elevates who you are and helps you become who you most want to be.
    Winner of the London Stationery Awards 2020, The Gratitude List® is an international prize-winning tool, that helps you worry less and live more.

    Create a life you love

    Love yourself and believe that you are blessed. Good things are coming! The Gratitude List is the world’s best tool to create a life you love.

    New routine, new mindset, new life.

    The Gratitude List, award-winning Gratitude Journal created by entrepreneur Lily Samii

    What is a Gratitude Journal?

    You’ll be amazed at what happens in your life in just 30 days simply by keeping a gratitude journal diary, whether you’re in LA, or London, Paris, Brussels or anywhere else. The Gratitude List is a universal tool of happiness. Each evening, unlock a stream of well being and record a list of 5 things you are grateful for about your day.

    The Journal You'll Actually Stick to

    Based on scientific research, The Gratitude List uses a simple daily structured format to form new habits and enjoy the benefits of gratitude journaling, including: better sleep, increased self-esteem, deal with adversity and build strong relationships.

    Make Every Day a Happier One

    By consistently focusing your attention on the positive things in your life, you rewire your brain to look at the bright side of life. Gratitude List is the fastest way to change your life for the better. Treat yourself to buy the best gratitude journal in LA and anywhere else in the world.

    Gratitude changes everything.

    The Gratitude List la
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