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    The Gratitude List – Raspberry Touch Velvet A5


    Become the happiest person you know and radiate positivity.

    Daily gratitude is the secret to massive success in life.

    Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington all swear by their gratitude lists’ practice.

    Worry less and live more every day with 90 day of gratitude journalling and good vibes.

    The award-winning Gratitude List journal will change your life – guaranteed.


    Handcrafted in Europe in small batches through innovative upcycling process of vintage velvet fabrics, each Gratitude List is a limited edition you’ll treasure forever.

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    • Sustainably sourced materials and 100% recycled paper


    How to use: Light up a candle. Let music play in the background. Get yourself seated in a comfortable position. Enjoy exactly where you are right now. Open your Gratitude List, and journal your way to happiness. You are limitless.

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    Lori D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    “I’ve seen a handful of gratitude journals in my day and there are a handful of things which stand out about the Gratitude List that I appreciate:

    1) The Gratitude List is not dated, which means if I miss a day I’m not left with a blank page and a sense of having ‘broken’ the chain.

    2) The preface to the journal has lots of great research and tips to help establish and retain a gratitude practice. I found it motivating and inspiring. The authors even offer mindful and de-stressing exercises to help remain positively motivated.

    3) Rather than just writing what you are grateful for each day, the prompts guide you to deepen your practice by stating WHY you are grateful and they also throw in random questions to elicit gratitude such as “what brings you joy?” or “who are you grateful for in your life right now?”.

    About the colour: This sophisticated, Raspberry Touch velvet colour reflects brings confidence, contentment, and a deep sense of joy.
    • Crafted by hand in small batches
    • Ethically made and designed to last a lifetime
    • Sustainably sourced materials and 100% recycled paper
    • A5 size, velvet-bound design, embroidered slogan patch, page stopper


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