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    How can we help?

    Where does The Gratitude List® ship?

    We ship worldwide!

    What’s your return policy?

    We’re confident that The Gratitude List will change your life. Try it yourself and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a refund—no questions asked.

    What’s inside The Gratitude List® journal?

    • 6 months of daily gratitude journaling -proven to increase your well-being
    • 3 calming and meditative mandala coloring pages to unleash creativity, reduce stress and bring balance
    • 200+ motivational quotes selected from the world’s top leaders and thinkers around the world and throughout history
    • Sketchbook composed of 20 blank pages to draw, brainstorm, un-clutter the mind & focus on what’s important
    • Notebook composed of 20 lined pages for personal reflection, and use it to your needs
    • Bullet journal composed 20 dotted pages (dot-grid) to keep you organized and customize to your needs
    • Expandable back pocket to make space for cards, tickets, photographs, handwritten notes and keepsakes
    • A book mark ribbon in discreet and elegant white color
    • 100% recycled paper of highest quality and bleed resistant that ensures you can enjoy your journal, memories and reflections for years to come

    How long does ​The Gratitude List® last for?

    The Gratitude List® lasts for 6 months of daily journaling.

    Who can benefit from this journal?

    Everyone! The Gratitude List® was designed to bring wellness and joy to people in whatever country they reside. It’s a transformative daily tool for anyone regardless of their genders, colours, professions, beliefs, religions, cultures. It’s a universal tool of love and happiness for all.

    What are the benefits of gratitude?

    The Gratitude List® is created with leading positive psychology research, including Harvard Health Publications which shows that “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.” The Gratitude List® helps people not only feel more positive but also improve their health, handle adversity, and build strong relationships. Over the past two decades, studies have consistently found that people who practice gratitude daily report:

    ✓ Higher levels of positive emotion
    ✓ More joy, optimism, and happiness
    ✓ Feeling less lonely, and isolated
    ✓ Acting with more generosity and compassion
    ✓ Stronger immune systems
    ✓ Reduces anxiety and depression.

    How will I benefit from The Gratitude List®?

    • Become The Happiest Person You Know and focus on the good each day with daily gratitude lists proven to increase your overall happiness.
    • Get Motivated Each Day to seize the day with our selection of the world’s most inspirational quotes to keep you going.
    • Unlock Your Creativity with our selection of calming and meditative coloring mandalas for adults proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Declutter Your Mind and disconnect to reconnect with a written notebook to free your mind enabling you to focus more on the present and what’s important.
    • Tailor It To Your Needs with the integrated notebook composed of 20 blank pages (sketchbook), 20 ruled pages (notebook) and 20 dotted pages (bullet journal). Take it to work, to school, at home, or use it as scrapbook – the options are endless.
    • Create A Keepsake with materials of the highest quality designed to last a lifetime and the expandable back pocket allows to store precious memories (photographs, movie tickets, handwritten notes) forever in one safe place. Happiness lives forever in the memories we keep!
    • Keep It All In One Place whether you are a professional, mom, student, father, an entrepreneur, a yoga lover, traveler, or anyone committed to make positive changes in your life; The Gratitude List® is the one place for all your thoughts. Instead of having many journals half empty on the book shelf, you’ll have one fully used and that fits all your needs in one place.
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