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    Take a social media breakAllow yourself enough restWrite in your gratitude journalCreate calm surroundings with plantsDeclutter your living spaceColour anti-stress mandalasMake yourself some warm herbal teaWear cozy outfitsMeditate for 5 minutes and stretch your bodyGift yourself a gratitude journalMake a homemade face maskCheck-in with a friendPrioritize sleep and hydrationSpend time outsideJournal your thoughts and how you feelWrite a gratitude list

    Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Your exhaustion ends here.Get ready to put yourself first with our 10 self-care science-backed activities to boost your happiness. You are worthy of love exactly as you areDon’t fall into the trap of thinking you will only be worthy of love and care when you get that promotion, or when you lose weight, or when your business

    Be happier and feel healthier every day with our fun and science-backed mindful exercises.You’ll learn easy and practical ways to elevate your daily routine and become a magnet for happiness. Let’s get started: 1. Recount the little sparks of the day by expressing 3 things about your for which you feel grateful. Every night, before going to bed, do take the

    Did you know that grateful children are happier children? Cultivate gratitude in your children with these 5 easy and fun ways to teach children gratitude. From keeping a magical gratitude diary together to going for unforgettable evening gratitude strolls, or simply gathering around a delicious meal at the dinner table -- we’ve got your day-to-day family covered with infused-gratitude rituals

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