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    The Gratitude List

    Ready to level up romance and intimacy with your partner? Research shows that counting one’s blessings, especially for couples, magnifies not only the relationship but also mutual care and connection between romantic partners.

    The Best Gratitude Journal in New York

    New York’s top couple therapists recommend spouses to start a gratitude journaling practice together and express their understanding and appreciation for each other. An attitude of gratitude towards your spouse is the simplest, most effective thing you can do to foster your relationship and bring joy into your day to day life.

     Whether you decide to buy a gratitude journal in New York or start gratitude walks with your spouse, or write a handwritten letter of appreciation to your significant other, expect to watch in awe your life transform. Buy the best gratitude journal in New York, such as The Gratitude List journals, and set aside time every evening to write together a list of 5 things you’re grateful for about each other.

    Benefits include increased intimacy, better sleep, more optimism

    Scientific research shows that couples who practice gratitude report a deeper level of intimacy, increased commitment, higher optimism, increased happiness and better sleep.

    Choose to go the extra mile by doing something meaningful and personalised for your partner.

    Go the extra mile

    You don’t need to go over the top, not does it need to be expensive or costly, but rather true, genuine, and sincere. Cook a meal, block off time to take breaks together, send a text just to let your spouse know how much she/he means to you — these little things when done regularly show through action your sincerity. Give your spouse and yourself the gift of grateful moments every day. Create your own DYI diary or buy a gratitude journal in New York such as the best-seller Gratitude List journals.

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