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    The Gratitude List

    Did you know on average that 95% of employees who leave their jobs for another one report “lack of appreciation” as their number one reason?

    According to scientific research, gratitude can foster relationships, boost productivity and strengthen resilience with a team when faced with challenges. Whether you decide to buy for your team members the best gratitude journal in New York, or take them for an afternoon pic-nic; gratitude works! Here are 3 easy ways to cultivate gratitude within a team at work:

    1.Praise and encourage each other

    Expressing your appreciation for the hard work and dedication of your peers at work goes a long way. Besides the raises, promotion, and bonus, oftentimes it is the simplest things that have the most impact. Going the extra mile by actually writing handwritten cards, gifting a gratitude journal, or doing shout outs in the meeting are highly impactful and personalized ways to mark your gratitude and to reward your team.

    2.Allocate breaks and rewards

    One of the best ways to cultivate gratitude within a team is to promote team building through fun activities that allow the team to take a break and connect with each other. For example, you may consider volunteering as a team for New York-based charities, booking a cooking class together for everyone to eat together, or going for an afternoon session at the gym as a team. Choose to go the extra mile by buying a gratitude journal in New York for each member of your team and set it as a new practice in the workplace.

    3.Set the example and inspire your team

    It all starts with you. Gratitude is an attitude that is developed through habits over time. Start a gratitude journal and make it a priority to list 3-5 things about your day that you feel grateful for. Research after research shows the profound impact gratitude has on productivity with lower stress levels, but also on building resilience and improves sleep.

    Keeping a gratitude journal, such as The Gratitude List journal, is the fastest way to level up physically, mental, and spiritual. Lead by your example and watch in awe your productivity transform and your team overachieves in as little as 30 days.

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