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    The Gratitude List

    Feeling caught up in a negative thought loop? Covid-19 lockdowns in New York and all over the world certainly don’t make it easier.

    Today’s blog is all about creating an atmosphere of gratitude reigned into your home. You are worthy of becoming the person you most want to be. Elevate your vibes at home with our top 4 picks to create an feel-good atmosphere of gratitude at home all year long;

    1. Start a gratitude journal

    New York is the best place to get yourself a creative, beautiful, artistry gratitude journal. Make it a habit every night, no matter what happened in the day, to journal 5 things you are grateful for. Living in a high-paced city like New York can make work/life balance a real challenge. That’s why New York’s top couple, therapists recommend keeping a gratitude journal as one of the simplest, most effective ways to create positive change for relationships and individual well-being.

    Find a gratitude notebook that speaks to your soul, and journal your way to happiness at home. Looking to buy a beautiful gratitude journal in New York? We recommend the velvet Gratitude List journals for added style to your home coffee table

    2. Make feeling good your priority

    Whether you live in New York or anywhere else, make your home a place where you feel loved, safe, and inspired. Post inspiring quotes on your bathroom mirror, on the fridge,  anywhere where they will be visible. You might print some of your favorite quotes pinned from Pinterest and decorate your home with uplifting, inspiring infused citations to create an atmosphere of gratitude in your home.

    3. Declutter your home

    Similarly, it is just as important to get rid of things that no longer serve you or that don’t spark joy. Make space for new high-vibe items that elevate who you are. Level up your home with new decoration that sets the atmosphere for a joyful home.

    Some ideas to level up your home decoration for high-vibes include: to buy vintage furniture, picking a new houseplant at your local market, or to buy a beautiful gratitude journal in New York.

    4. Bring in your loved ones

    One magical habit I cultivated and kept from childhood was our family round table of gratitude. Encourage and include your family or any loved one under the roof to share things at the dinner table one thing they feel gratitude for about their day.

    This habit instills an energetic upgrade into your home where everyone speaks the language of appreciation, mutual support and encouragement. Make it a priority at home to end the day with gratitude, whether it is writing a list of 1 or 2 things you are grateful for as a family, or expressing it to no one another.

    What’s your favorite idea to pick from the above? Share it in the comment section below. Whether you decide to buy a gratitude journal in New York, shop cute vintage decorations at your local market, or hang high vibe inspirational quotes printed off your Pinterest board, make an atmosphere of gratitude at home your priority. You are worthy of feeling good!

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